Moneybookers – a secure online payment alternative

For online payment transactions online or on the internet, to our ears sounded familiar with the word E-Gold or Paypal. Both types of these payments has become a tool of online payments required on the internet.

Transaction on the internet like in the real world of ours. We use payment instrument accepted by all parties. By this same means of payment, we are easy to shop for goods or something. Likewise on the internet, for online payment we require payment instruments that can be widely accepted by all parties online.

Well this time I will try to discuss one of the online payment tool. But no E-Gold or Paypal, but Moneybokers.

What is Moneybookers?
The withdrawal of these two types of payment instruments that have been mentioned earlier, by Moneybookers, we can send and receive payments on the internet, with only with only an email address. Moneybookers can be used to send money as soon as we send email. Moneybookers is supported by local payments in over 30 countries.

Is Moneybookers secure?
Yes. Security of online transactions is a major priorotas. Moneybookers uses layered security to protect information on our transaction. Moneybookers uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to help protect user data from inappropriate access, loss of data, as well as the use of false data.

In addition to business users, moneybookers can also be used by individuals. To use it, we can directly register on his official web Fill in the data needed, and when it has finished, moneybookers we are ready to use. If there is a transaction or someone sends a payment to your moneybookers account, you will receive email notifications.

When applicants from Indonesia has not been able to verify to register at Paypal, or E-gold you think is less secure, you can immediately open an account in Moneybooker to use it as a means of payment you onlione.

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