Moneybookers – a secure online payment alternative

For online payment transactions online or on the internet, to our ears sounded familiar with the word E-Gold or Paypal. Both types of these payments has become a tool of online payments required on the internet.

Transaction on the internet like in the real world of ours. We use payment instrument accepted by all parties. By this same means of payment, we are easy to shop for goods or something. Likewise on the internet, for online payment we require payment instruments that can be widely accepted by all parties online.

Well this time I will try to discuss one of the online payment tool. But no E-Gold or Paypal, but Moneybokers.

What is Moneybookers?
The withdrawal of these two types of payment instruments that have been mentioned earlier, by Moneybookers, we can send and receive payments on the internet, with only with only an email address. Moneybookers can be used to send money as soon as we send email. Moneybookers is supported by local payments in over 30 countries.

Is Moneybookers secure?
Yes. Security of online transactions is a major priorotas. Moneybookers uses layered security to protect information on our transaction. Moneybookers uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to help protect user data from inappropriate access, loss of data, as well as the use of false data.

In addition to business users, moneybookers can also be used by individuals. To use it, we can directly register on his official web Fill in the data needed, and when it has finished, moneybookers we are ready to use. If there is a transaction or someone sends a payment to your moneybookers account, you will receive email notifications.

When applicants from Indonesia has not been able to verify to register at Paypal, or E-gold you think is less secure, you can immediately open an account in Moneybooker to use it as a means of payment you onlione.

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Vespa Part 1

Vespa is a motor vehicle with a body resembling wasps and very unique. for the moment also in the category of motorcycle vespa vintage vespa for the year of manufacture from 1946 until now. Piaggio motor output is in great demand and have many community people as Scooter. in Indonesia many vespa diversity include: vespa clasik, extreme, coper, racing, sidecar, etc.. the same goes with the existing clubs so many events each month in each city or region.

I was including Vespa lover since school. My club name generation children scooter (GAS), which was established in 2005. I have a vespa super 1976 with the color green so far I like all. to the extent that my vehicle registration to do let alone fix the machine and update the paint.

below vespa that I often use everyday.

Vespa has become a hobby that is embedded hearts

Visit :


Vespa is a motor vehicle with a body resembling wasps and very unique. for the moment also in the category of motorcycle vespa vintage vespa for the year of manufacture from 1946 until now. Piaggio motor output is in great demand and have many community people as “Scooter“. in Indonesia many vespa diversity include: vespa clasik, extreme, coper, racing, sidecar, etc.. the same goes with the existing clubs so many events each month in each city or region. I was including Vespa lover since school. My club name generation children scooter (GAS), which was established in 2005. I have a vespa super 1976 with the color green so far I like all. to the extent that my vehicle registration to do let alone fix the machine and update the paint. below vespa that I often use everyday.


After working several months in a metal casting company, I am raising money to fix my Vespa.although initially difficultbut my determination to fix my willingness to make it look like the oldstandard.

after the paintI thought to extend my motor vehicle registration in order not to ticket the police hehe (Unfortunately the motor is good).

and the results were quite makes my heart happy.

Hair Care Tips

Making Hair Soft & Subtle Being

Its beautiful hair is a crown for a woman. There are about 100,000 strands of hair on the head and each strand grows in 2 to 6 years. One thing that is normal for 50 to 100 strands of hair losing every day. Because hair loss is usually new hair will grow back. Evolutionary function of hair is to protect your scalp from the sun and the cold.
Healthy hair and neat will affect ones appearance. But if your hair stiff and unruly, you try doing the treatment with strawberry mask for your hair soft and did not cause side effects. This is because the acidity of strawberry fruits that contain a specific formula that makes your hair become more soft, smooth and shiny.
For starters, crushed 8 piece strawberry then mix with 1 tablespoon mayonnaise. After that, wash your hair thoroughly then apply the mixture on it while you do a gentle massage.
The next step, after you do the application of and massage your head, cover your head with a shower cap. Wrap a towel that you soak it with warm water. Leave on for approximately 30 minutes. Then rinse and rinse again until completely clean. In order to maximize results, you should let it dry naturally without the aid of a hairdryer. Interested in getting your hair smooth and soft as silk? Please try the steps above you.


Sterility or in medical language is called infertility is a term used to refer to couples who failed to conceive and have children after trying for a year. Women who managed to get pregnant but always had a miscarriage can also be called barren.

Pregnancy is the result of a complex process consisting of:

* A woman must produce an egg from the ovary or ovaries.
* The egg must move toward the uterus through the fallopian tubes.
* In this way, cells from male sperm must fertilize the egg.
* Fertilized eggs must then be attached to the inner wall of the uterus.

Infertility occurs when the four above process to crash.

Is infertility belong only to women?

No, infertility is not only the monopoly of women. Female factor only a third of the total cases of sterility, one third of male factor and the remaining are a combination of male and female factors.

What causes infertility in men?

Infertility in men is generally caused by:

* Disturbances in plant sperm so that sperm cells produced little or not at all.
* Disturbances in the ability of sperm cells to reach the egg and fertilize it. This problem is usually caused by abnormal sperm shape so that its movement was not normal.

Sometimes the sperm problem has been taken from birth, but this problem can also be obtained after the age of adulthood.

What causes infertility in men the risk increased?

Culprit of all this is a change in lifestyle. Some of the lifestyle that is not friendly to sperm, among others:

* Like to drink alcohol.
* Like using drugs.
* Air pollution.
* Smoking.
* Other health problems.
* Medication is not clear.
* The use of radiation and chemotherapy for cancer treatment.
* Age.

What causes infertility in women?

The most common disorders experienced by infertile women are ovulation disorders. If ovulation does not occur then there will be no eggs to be fertilized. One sign of women who have ovulation disorders are irregular menstruation and menstruation are not there at all.

Other disorders that can cause infertility in women are:

* Closing holes caused by fallopian tubes because of infection, surgical removal of endometriosis and ectopic pregnancy.
* Physical Disorders uterus.
* Uterine myomas.

Does that cause increased risk of infertility in women?

* Age.
* Stress.
* Poor nutrition.
* Too fat and too skinny.
* Smoking.
* Alcohol.
* Sexually transmitted diseases.
* Health problems that can affect hormone balance.

What is the effect of age on the ability of women to have children?

Today many women are delaying pregnancy until the age of 30 years. In reality only 20 percent of this age group who have the ability to conceive. So age plays an important role in fertility problems.

Age reduce the ability of a woman to get pregnant because:

* The ability of the ovaries release an egg declines with increasing age.
* Health eggs produced follow-up also decreased.
* In women aged often found other diseases that affect fertility.
* Women who have lived in danger of having a miscarriage.

What could be a woman to get pregnant before a doctor?

For healthy women under the age of 30 years, they do not have to worry about infertility unless they’ve been trying for a year to just get pregnant. When this happens they should see a doctor just to check fertility. The husband had to accompany a doctor to discuss the possibility of pregnancy caused by failure of the husband.

For women who are aged over 30 years, they should immediately go to the doctor to examine fertility despite efforts made just 6 months. The ability of a woman aged over 30 years to get pregnant will deteriorate rapidly.

Some health problems that increase the risk of infertility among others:

* Menstruation is not regular or not appear at all.
* Menstrual pain is out of the ordinary.
* Endometriosis.
* Pelvic inflammatory disease.
* Miscarriage more than once.

No matter how old you are, if one of the five issues above happening then you should immediately see a doctor before you decide to become pregnant. Your doctor will help you prepare for optimal physical your pregnancy.

How can a doctor find out about infertility?

Sometimes a new physician knows that a married couple experiencing infertility after doing a complete fertility test. This test normally begins with a physical examination followed by asking the previous medical history. If it turns out there found the problem could be solved with fertility test then the test will be done but if not it will be advisable to consult with the doctor-related.

Finding the cause of infertility is often a long process, complicated and very emotional. There are even some cases that takes many months to just finish all the tests and fertility tests. So do not be surprised if the cost is very expensive. All of them can certainly make some infertile couples desperate to continue the testing until completion.

In men, doctors usually begin by testing sperm. In this test will see the number, shape and movement of sperm. If needed, your doctor will also conduct tests of male hormone levels.

In women, the first step is to conduct tests to determine whether ovulation has occurred every month. There are several ways to do this, among others, patients were told to record the occurrence of ovulation at home by measuring body temperature in the morning in a few months. Patients also can record the condition and description of cervical mucus within a few months and recorded menstrual cycle picture of what happened. All entries will be analyzed by a physician so that there are known problems with ovulation.

Doctors also can perform blood tests and ultrasound ovaries to determine ovulation in a woman. If you find that ovulation takes place normally, then further tests.

Several tests continued fertility in women include:

* Hysterosalpingography (HSG). In this test the doctor will use x-rays to see the physical shape of the fallopian tubes and uterus. The test begins by entering a special fluid into the uterus through the vagina. This liquid should be visible on x-rays. The doctor will see if the fluid is moving normally from the womb to the fallopian tubes. If there is blockage of the movement of fluids will be stopped on these blockages. This obstruction will impede the movement of the egg in the fallopian tubes toward the uterus. Blockages also inhibit sperm will fertilize the egg.
* Laparoscopy. In this examination, the doctor will use an instrument called a laparoscope to see the state of the inside of the abdominal cavity. The doctor will make a small incision in the skin of the lower abdomen and then insert a laparoscope tool. By using a laparoscope, the doctor can see the condition of the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus is there a physical problem caused by a disease. Doctors also can find the occurrence of endometriosis with this tool.

How do I treat infertility?

Infertility can be treated with medicine, surgery and insemination and IVF. In some circumstances all these ways will be merged. One-third of infertile couples will be able to have children after being treated well and appropriately. Most cases of sterility treated with drugs and surgery.

A doctor will perform actions based on:

* The results of fertility tests.
* Age of infertile couples.
* The health condition of the general partner.
* The desire of patients.

In the infertile men, the doctor will perform the following steps:

* Sexual problems. If a male experiencing erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, the doctor as much as possible will solve this problem first before doing the next action.
* Too few sperm cells. If a male produces sperm that are too small then pembedahanlah that can solve the problem. Antiobiotika sometimes necessary to overcome infections that cause sperm production problems.

In the market, there are many kinds of drugs that can be used to overcome the problem of ovulation in women. It’s important for you to always consult with a physician in choosing the drug. You should understand the risks, benefits and side effects of the drug.

Doctors also can perform surgery to address the causes of infertility in women. Problems with the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus can sometimes be solved in this way.

Intra-uterine insemination are now widely used by doctors in treating patients with infertility. The trick is to inject sperm into the uterus choice. Before the first act of the woman is given ovulation stimulants.

Insemination done if:

* The problem of infertility in men mild.
* Women who have problems with cervical mucus that cause infertility.
* Infertility is not found the cause.

Don’t left tracks in the warnet

For All my friends this only warned,, my experience became the Operator warnet while 3 years were not completely him by ” helping open in my Yahoo, Facebook,dll ! Because password I in the repeated set of the other person ” (many people who were inattentive with his email personally) this problem is still happening now (until I have become IT ^ ^) to deal with this problem come on together we mutually remembers . Tips safe after going out from warnet so that the tracks do not have results.

1. Don’t had clicked “Remember during you did login” because that was your tracks1

To see password that was kept in Mozilla Firefox and browser other could be seen by you in TOOLS -> FOLDER OPTIONS -> SECURITY. The example like the picture below this. if being remove record available.


2.Direct resrtat PC that was used by you because warnet must use DeepFreeze was the available data again was originally appropriate settingan warnet this.

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Activations Windows XP Valid

hey guys, this promgram for genuine for windows xp valid. i’am serach in google and will shared to you becouse windows a valid activations you can update windows from microsoft and next you can download internet explorer new version…waw cool haha.

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